Episode 33: Spitting Hot Fire Like A Game Of Thrones Dragon!

August 11, 2017

Well is HE back NOTNation? J-Money has been missing for weeks but in this episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast, The Man Who Brings The Money makes his triumphant return! Tom, D-Rock & Money reunite to discuss some Nerdy news... But first, having JUST made peace with Joey DiCarlo on last weeks show, Tom gets angry (what else did you expect) at his former podcast co-host all over again. BOYS! Can't we all just get along??? Then Money gives a quick & dirty review of the new Charlize Theron movie Atomic Blonde, the Boys share their thoughts on the new images of Josh Brolin as Deadpool 2's time traveling, Teddy Bear carrying mutant... CABLE! Also, J-Money adds to his ever growing List of Deletion! Finally, a super surprise secret guest magically appears out of a simple Bale of Hay to talk about Egg Cups & Telephone Pole Poaching? We can't make this $#@% up, You've just got to hear it for yourself NOTHeads! Always FREE & EASY to Subscribe, Download, Listen & Share on PodbeanApple podcastsStitcher or Google Play! Don't be a "Shawn the Tom Hater"...Give the Boys a 5 Star Review & write something silly for them to share on the next show at Podknife.com! Follow all of the @NOTpodcast1 MAGIC on Social Media & help to Spread that Word of Nerd...


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