Episode 27.1: You Wanted The Best… But You Got This.

June 27, 2017

What the Hell is going on around here NOTNation??? Why is this episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast numbered 27.1? Don't worry, we are as confused as you are. Apparently, the Boys got together to record episode 27 & even brought guests... Tom's buddy Steve McMahon & the #1 NOTHead himself, Danny Abbott, on the show to join in on the fun. 2 hours & 43 minutes later, they stopped recording & Tom thought he was going to have a stroke at the idea of going through & editing all of that raw ridiculousness. After listening back, there was 45 recorded minutes of pre show prep & banter, which Tom was simply going to DELETE until... he heard a Meltdown/rant from J Money like no other & knew that he owed it to NOTNation to release this Solid Gold Sound Gem so that they too could enjoy the verbal assault being unleashed on one unsuspecting Dr. Bill! So here you go NOTHeads... the best 30 minutes out of that 45 minutes lying somewhere on the editing room floor! Let's call it 27.1 & hope it tides you over until Senor Bo can sort through the remaining 2 hours of raw recording & piece together an actual episode 27. Please Subscribe, Download, Listen & Share on Podbean, Apple podcasts, Stitcher or Google Play! Give the Boys a 5 Star review & write something witty for them to laugh at on Podknife.com! Follow all of the @NOTpodcast1 MAGIC on Social Media & Spread that Word of Nerd...


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