Episode 24: Not Much News… Plenty of Butthurt

June 3, 2017

Prepare yourself mentally NOTHeads... This episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast will probably make you want to cancel your FREE subscription, as D-Rock causes Tom to completely snap & go off on a strange tirade, first trying to defend the constant mentions of his "former podcast" which then leads him to go totally off the rails, lecturing the Boys & unfortunately YOU about the downside & supposed upside of being an obsessive/compulsive perfectionist when it comes to editing a podcast. Things finally relax a bit so the Boys can share some stories about how they spent their Memorial Day Weekends, including... J Money's Family party that Derek wasn't invited to, a Cookout at Tom's that Derek was also not invited to, a Wedding Cake mishap that you have to hear to believe & Derek's funny uber driving story that will be much more entertaining if you use your imagination. LOTS of imagination. Finally, the Boys get around to discussing a small amount of Nerd news before calling it a show! Always Free & usually Fun so Subscribe, Download, Listen & Share through Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Google Play! Don't be a Whiny Bitch & give a 5 Star Review to Not Another Nerdy Podcast now on Podknife & help us Spread that Word of Nerd! Come Find all of our MAGIC on Social Media...


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