Episode 19: Hell Yeah Tee Bo!

April 29, 2017

It's a true Milestone NOTHeads! Be impressed because Episode 19 of Not Another Nerdy Podcast is HERE! On this tangent-filled show, Tom & J Money are joined by NOTNation's favorite Guest hosting Farmer... Iron Mike! The Boys talk about Marvel Comics latest tactic to bring back readers, by resetting their comic titles to their original number system... again. Tom is kinda, sorta excited that the X-Files is coming back to TV... again. FOX gave us the release dates for their next three X-Men related movie projects but do we really care? Guardians of the Galaxy Actress Zoe Saldana may have let slip the name of Avengers 4 but Tom seems to be the only one who finds that worthy news. Also, with Iron Mike in the house, there's a TON of Video Game talk & last but not least, J Money has an epic rant for the ages when he shares this week's List of Deletion! Subscribe, Download, Listen & Share through Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Google Play! Check out the new Podknife site & leave Not Another Nerdy Podcast a WONDERFUL review! As always, you can find, Follow & Like all of the Magic on our Social Media...

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