Episode 14: St. Patrick’s Shenanigans Are So Wizard!

March 23, 2017

Hair of the Dog that bit you NOTHeads! Still recovering from your St. Patrick's Day celebration last week? Well J Money sure is & he has plenty of parade stories to share with the NOTNation on this weeks episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast! Tom watched the first few episodes of the newest Marvel/Netflix show... did he enjoy the experience or feel as though he has been Iron FISTED? Also, Sony pictures is still planning a Venom movie that may have nothing to do with Spider-man OR the Marvel Cinematic Universe??? Who seriously thinks THIS is a good idea? Plus, Marvel Comics is out of control with what they are charging for a particular comic book... and Tom is apparently powerless to resist overpaying for it anyway. Finally, D-Rock AKA Derek contributed NOTHING to the show this week because he was simply too tired to record. Good job. Good effort. Fortunately for you, Tom turned to one of his former co-hosts from the So Wizard podcast to come on & help get through this hour of nerdy nonsense! Unfortunately for Mister Joey DiCarlo, he was so bored that he actually answered the call. Always FREE and sometimes fun so Subscribe, Download & Listen on Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play. Don't forget to spread that word of Nerd & find all of the NOTpodcast1 Magic on social media...


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